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October 16th

16:00-19:00 CET

Central Building, Distrito Telefónica

"Artificial is Natural": Artificial intelligence in business

"Artificial is Natural": Artificial intelligence in business

The "artificial" and the "natural" lose individual significance when the real aim is to make life easier for people, both in the social and business environment, and here AI is already second nature. Technologies have a greater weight than ever, not just in the way we live in society, but in the very nature of companies due to being increasingly connected to the digital world.

At LUCA, Telefónica's Artificial Intelligence and Data Unit, we want to show you how Artificial Intelligence is already within your personal and company's reach. Save the 16th of October in your diary, and discover how we make AI accessible to our clients.

We will show the different uses and most innovative applications, developed in the last year, to meet the needs of your business. With solutions for all sectors such as Finance, Retail, Media, Tourism, Transport, Industry 4.0, among others, you can hear first-hand the experience of our customers.

In addition, this year we launched Movistar Living Apps in the Spanish market; the new channel to reach your customers, because Telefónica has been bringing the best technology into the home for years. Our transformation is based on intelligent connectivity, digital services in the home and now taking advantage of this rich ecosystem, we have made new experiences accessible thanks to Aura. Some of our partners have already joined and you can be next. Want to know more?

Why attend LUCA Innovation Day 2019?

We know that this is a time of great challenge, and we want to help you in the way that we know best; enabling necessary technologies to optimize your market offering and strengthen the relationship with your customers, from person to person.

  • To meet the IA solutions that best suit your sector of activity, size and objectives.
  • To listen to customers' stories from different industries that already rely on us, as a technology partner.
  • To see, touch and experiment with our IA and multisector solutions live, together with our experts.
  • To discover Movistar Living Apps: a new intelligent channel for your business to reach millions of homes.

We believe that today, the line between the artificial and the natural blurs as technologies evolve and learn to communicate in our language. The incorporation of Artificial Intelligence into corporate strategy is happening today, as part of the natural evolution in the transformation of any company. We invite you to be part of this change and accompany us on a journey, where you will see human development and many technologies which can maximize the capabilities of your business. You don't want to miss out!


Chema Alonso Chema Alonso
CDO - Telefónica
Elena Gil Lizasoain Elena Gil Lizasoain
CEO LUCA - Telefónica
Adrián García Nevado Adrián García Nevado
Director of Major Clients and the Central Region - Telefónica España
Marisa Urquía Marti Marisa Urquía Marti
Director of Companies - Telefónica España
Ana Molina Alarcón Ana Molina Alarcón
Service Designer – CDO Telefónica
Antonio José Ortiz Jaén Antonio José Ortiz Jaén
Corporate Digital Manager - Mahou San Miguel
Ángel Rafael Martín Martínez Ángel Rafael Martín Martínez
Sub Director of Energy Management - UFD Distribución de Electricidad - Grupo Naturgy
Carlos Martínez Miguel Carlos Martínez Miguel
Global Director Big Data and AI Business at LUCA - Telefónica
Pedro A. de Alarcón Pedro A. de Alarcón
Head of Social Good & Sports Analytics at LUCA - Telefónica
Jorge Sanz Jorge Sanz
Sports Director Women's Team – Movistar Team
Miguel Ortega Miguel Ortega
Director of Operations and Business Development - Movistar Estudiantes
Mikel Coira Mikel Coira
Global Head of Big Data Solutions at LUCA - Telefónica

About LUCA

LUCA is Telefónica's global data and Artificial Intelligence unit for companies and public administrations, seeking to focus their corporate strategy on data-driven decision-making.

At LUCA we make Big Data and Artificial Intelligence accessible to our clients by extracting the value from their data.

Our product and service offerings include strategic consulting and training programs; business insights from aggregated and anonymized information from our Telefonica network; data analytics; deployment of architectures and infrastructures to support Big Data and AI projects; as well as marketing and advertising solutions. A wide variety of solutions that demonstrate that any business can apply AI in its processes, regardless of its size, sector or activity.