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Thanks to the consulting services, a study has been developed that has allowed the identification and evaluation of the analytical needs of the organization in this area and to propose relevant use cases for the prevention of gender violence through Big Data and AI technologies.




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About the Ministry of Equality of Spain

The Spanish Secretary of State for Equality and Gender Violence (SEIVG) is the superior body of the Ministry of Equality responsible for developing policies for the Government concerning equality, the prevention and elimination of all types of discrimination against persons on the basis of sex, race or ethnic origin, religion or ideology, sexual orientation or gender identity, age, disability or any other personal or social condition or circumstance. They also work to prevent and eradicate various forms of violence against women, as well as all forms of violence against persons on account of their race or ethnic origin, religion or ideology, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, disability or any other personal or social condition or circumstance.

The story of the project

To respond to the needs of the Ministry, a Use Case Discovery project was launched where meetings were held with all relevant areas of the ministry to understand their individual needs and to guide the use case detection to meet those needs. From a technical point of view, we evaluated the internal technological capacities and sources of information already being used, both internal and from other areas of the administrations and external sources.

With this information, a prioritisation was made which considered the critical nature of the initiatives for the ministry, and the technical viability of the use cases in terms of technological complexity and the availability of sufficiently deep historical data. Once prioritized, the most important initiatives were further developed with a detailed design that explained both the functional objectives, the sources of information and the necessary technological and algorithmic requirements for each problem, as well as a proposal for the final utilization of the use case in real operations.

The challenge

Identify and assess analytical needs for the prevention of gender-based violence

The Ministry needed to strengthen its plan to tackle this type of violence and decided that a data strategy would be a good tool to achieve their goal. The aim of this project, carried out by the LUCA consultancy team, was to identify and evaluate the organization's analytical needs in this area and to propose relevant use cases in order to achieve the prevention of gender-based violence. For the implementation of this project, LUCA was selected for its leadership in the sector and for its team of experts in all aspects of data analysis, with extensive experience and knowledge in this type of project, both in the public and private sectors.

The Solution 

During the study, different use cases were identified to make the most of the various sources of accessible data, originated internally from the Administration itself and from other external sources. This allowed us to implement:


Adoption of a Big Data and Artificial Intelligence strategy for efficient decision making


Optimisation of internal capacities


Functional and technical design of the highest priority use cases


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