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Thanks to Big Data insights extracted from our mobility platform, Exterion media can better advise its clients about how to target the desired audience through successful OOH advertising campaigns.


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About Exterion Media

Exterion Media is the largest privately owned Out-Of-Home media owner in Europe. They work to help clients engage with audiences on the move across impactful advertising environments. One of their primary assets is the London Underground where they offer their clients the ability to engage with audiences along the course of their journey via panel advertisements.

Client review

Mick Ridley

Data Director

“After this project we can talk confidently about how we capture our audience through advertising, and offer our clients the ability to better define their target audience”

The story of the project

The OOH market has invested heavily into digital screens to compete with online advertising. But the current marketplace metrics didn’t offer Exterion Media the ability to profile audiences by space and time. The project with LUCA enabled Exterion Media to transform their Big Data strategy to understand the profiles of visitors to TFL Zone 1 underground stations by hour of day, day of week and demographics.

Also, designing an analytics tool has enabled the Exterion Media sales team to gain insights into these audiences for their clients, by analysing mobile data at origin and destination. This allows Exterion Media to achieve audience-based sales and improve the reach of their client's campaigns thanks to Big Data.

The Challenge

Transform Data strategy to take advantage of Big Data decision-making

Exterion media wanted to make the change from selling panels to selling audiences using Big Data. The OOH media sector is often too reliant on static and modelled information and therefore does not target desired audiences in an intelligent way. By exploring dynamic, mobile based, audience led data they can work more intelligently to achieve targeted campaigns for their clients.

Advertising is no longer based on guesses; it’s based on data. Thanks to the anonymized and aggregated data obtained through solutions such as our mobility platform, our team in the UK can process and analyse over 4 million pieces of mobile data every day, obtaining insights about the mobility patterns of the London Underground users.

They are able to see both the most frequented locations and the busiest times, segregated by profiles. This information is highly relevant for retail clients who are looking for the right places and times to capture their audience. The entire sales team at Exterion Media can now take advantage of intuitive analytics tools to work intelligently. When speaking to brands, they can now be confident in their knowledge about how audiences travel throughout the network, when and where they can best be targeted.

The results

LUCA managed to transform Exterion Media's audience acquisition strategy with Big Data to design OOH campaigns with:


In-depth insights into how audiences travel on the entire network


Access to a Big Data analytics tool to improve their sales pitch with clients.


Capacity to better reach desired audiences through advertising campaigns


Transformation of information into value thanks to Big Data


Transformation of company into a data-driven company


At LUCA, we work with all sectors by offering an extensive range of products and services adapted to each industry, from unique business insights interpreted from anonymized and aggregate telco data from +350 million customers in our mobile network, to digital transformation projects using Big Data and Artificial Intelligence technologies.

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