Employability map for Spain

Development of a new Big Data infrastructure to increase job opportunities in the provinces of Spain.

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By capturing information from external sources, the Fundación Telefónica's Employment Map allows us to know in detail which skills and professions are most in demand in each Spanish province.





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About Fundación Telefónica

Fundación Telefónica’s mission is to improve people's opportunities for professional growth through educational, social and cultural projects, adapted to the challenges of the digital world.

The Story of the Project

The project focused on the development of the interactive map tool, through which you can search the most demanded skills and professions in each Spanish province, within the field of new technologies.

To achieve this, LUCA carried out an advanced Big Data project, covering every phase of a project of this style, including the deployment of infrastructure, exploitation of the data and many engineering and advanced analytical tasks for the creation of models.

The Challenge

Provide useful and true information of employment demand in Spain

Apart from the difficulties derived from the technology, one of the main challenges of the project has been to provide useful and true information of employment demand in Spain, for which the Fundación Telefónica has relied on some of the key players in the country such as Infojobs and Tecnoempleo.
Fundación Telefónica's Employment Map responds to the social need to identify and close the gap between the supply and demand of certain professions. The data identified this as a real need as, even with high unemployment rates, many companies still have difficulties filling certain technical positions.

The results

The creation of the interactive map, available free of charge on Fundación Telefónica website.


Withing the map, any user can obtain up-to-date and accurate answers to some of the most important questions regarding employability:


What are the skills and professions most in demand in each Spanish province


What knowledge is required to access offers in these professions


Which professions best fit my current profile


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