Highways England's transport plan optimization

Data processing and obtaining more precise insights to improve infrastructure planning in the United Kingdom.

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We worked closely with Highways England to obtain data from the mobile network more accurately, securely and economically. This improved data processing and more accurate insights have enabled the company to improve decision making and infrastructure planning in the UK.


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About Highways England

Highways England is the Government agency responsible for operating, maintaining, and improving major roads in the UK. Its aim is to ensure that these roads are safe, accessible and practical. In the long term, their goal is the economic growth of the area and to achieve sustainable development of the environment.

The story of the project

To optimise data collection and processing, Highways England entrusted LUCA as an insights provider.
Thanks to our state-of-the-art LUCA Transit technology, Highways England has access to our anonymised database, which contains over 4 billion network events generated every day by O2 customers.

This data, together with data collected by the road operator, provides valuable insights to instruct infrastructure modelling and planning and in simplifying processes.

The Challenge

To simplify data processing

In order to ensure the functionality of roads, Highways England needed to collect a large amount of data. This process was arduous and costly in time and money, so the government agency recognized the need to contract LUCA to help simplify data processing.
LUCA Transit responds to this need: it provides detailed information on travelers and routes, allowing infrastructure planning and transport systems to be optimized to meet real needs with maximum budgetary control.

The results

We highlight the main results obtained


Highways England has improved its efficiency and has optimized the use of data using LUCA Transit, which translates into better transport decisions and planning.


Thanks to this product, the time spent collecting data has been reduced from 6 months to 7 days, resulting in massive savings in working hours.


The key result has been an annual saving of millions of pounds in data collection costs


At LUCA, we work with all sectors by offering an extensive range of products and services adapted to each industry from unique business insights based on anonymized and aggregate Telcom data from +350 million customers in our mobile network to digital transformation projects using Big Data and Artificial Intelligence technologies.

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