Intelligent management of Pig Farms

Development of a new Big Data infrastructure for information management of Infoporc operations

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Thanks to the Consulting and Architecture services, a new Big data infrastructure has been developed for InfoPorc to improve how the company manages its information and operations to introduce a series of use cases focused on the needs of the business.




Industry 4.0



About Infoporc

InfoPorc is the only Spanish group of specialists dedicated to the comprehensive consulting of pork production, present in the animal welfare sectors. Its staff includes veterinarians who monitor the livestock processes and engineers who are in charge of installing sensors and monitoring the infrastructures (farms) of its clients. It has approximately 100 headquarters ("mother" farms in the world).

The Story of the Project

We helped to implement a Big Data infrastructure that permitted the collection and processing of data from approximately 100 pig farms, which then could be processed to carry out various analytical use cases that provide return on investment in the form of insights.

The challenge

Securely manage the relationship with customers and suppliers, as well as expand the frequency of report updates.

Thanks to the sensorization of the facilities, currently about 110 KPIs can be monitored in "real-time" from gestational data; tracking of medicines administered to each animal; food provided to each animal; sensor technology within the farms: water and electricity consumption, level of feed-in storage, temperature, etc.
InfoPorc needed to increase the frequency of updating BI reports and securely manage the relationship with its customers/suppliers.

The results

Big Data Infrastructure and Development of Use Cases


A new Big Data infrastructure for the collection and processing of data from around 100 pig farms.


Development of different analytical use cases that provide return on investment in the form of insights.


Homogenized tools that allow scalability, as the number of clients increases.


Better management in terms of security and data protection: data organized around companies (farms, integrators and IRTA).


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