Boosting the Tourism sector in Peru thanks to Big Data

A service that helps companies analyze the influx of tourists to help optimize the sector and improve business operations.

A Quick Look

Thanks to LUCA Tourism solutions, Promperú has been able to gain a better understanding of the large influx of Tourists to the country, allowing them to position themselves as a Tourist and Commercial Destination.


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The Story of the Project 

The Mobile Data obtained from people connected to the Mobile Network provided detailed information about the flow of tourists, producing greater insights than those obtained from more traditional methods. The traditional methods of obtaining data were slow and were not representative of the demographic profile of the tourists. In addition, they did they have access to accurate information about behavioural patterns; something necessary and valuable to a tourism company such as Promperú. 

LUCA Tourism were able to generate a large base of Data from the Mobile Network, providing information on the Demographic (Age + Gender), Duration of stay, Origin and Destination showing the general flow of tourism to the area.

The Challenge
Gain a complete understanding of the behavioural patterns of Tourists to the area to sustainably increase Tourism and aid the decentralized development of Peru.

The goal was reached in a series of steps: 

1. Acquisition of mobile data from tourists connected to the mobile network 
2. Generation of a diverse range of information and insights: Demographic (Age + Gender), Duration of stay, Origin and Destination. 
3. Segmentation of popular spots by providing a breakdown of the type of tourists frequenting each destination.  
4. Complete understanding of Tourism from the Data 
5. Optimization of commercial activities to help companies discover new business opportunities.  
6. Future sustainable growth of Tourism and decentralized development of country

The Solution
LUCA Tourism - Use mobile data obtained from people connected to the mobile network to produce insights about the demographic and movement of Tourists.

The  Goal

Gain a complete understanding of the behavioural patterns of Tourists to the area to sustainably increase Tourism and the aid the decentralized development of Perú. 

Due to the large number of tourists who visit the country each year, Promperú sought a greater understanding of the influx of tourists. The "Inca Empire" is the hub of history and culture and has one of the most extraordinary landscapes. There is much to explore in the area, from the Andes in the north, to the Amazon Basin and the west coast regions. However, this doesn’t include Lima, the country's capital and the third largest city on the American continent. Gaining a complete understanding of the tourists to the entire area will aid the economic development of Perú.

The Results  

We accompanied Promperú successfully in its quest for a complete understanding of local tourism


We were able to collect a large dataset which provided diverse insights 


We achieved the identification of Popular Spots based on flow of Tourists  


We presented a segmentation of popular spots by tourist type to provide insights on commercial map of the area


We were finally able to provide a complete understanding of Tourism


At LUCA, we work with all sectors by offering an extensive range of products and services adapted to each industry, from unique business insights based on anonymized and aggregate telcom data form +350 million customers in our mobile network, to digital transformation projects using Big Data and Artificial Intelligence technologies.

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